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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I mentioned these dresses in in the article below this one. These dresses are fitted to the body shape & size as the Cookie's below. These dresses are all my own original designs; I worked really hard to get them to a state that I felt good about..  You may use them anyway you like except selling them as part of a Dress Up set. You can sell them in any other way. The 2 free pink Cherry Blossom dresses are not fitted, just something  I experimented on & thought someone might be able to use them.

I hope that you enjoy by products, if you dress up Cookies to a finished  product I hope you can earn some money with my creations.

aka ROX

~*~FREE DRESSUP COOKIES~*~ #See TOU at bottom of post, important info.

The only rule that I have concerning my dressup Cookies, is the you "NOT" use them to sale as "DressUp Sets".  You can do anything else, you can sell products you make with them from your other dress up sets. You can include them in any kind of scrap kits as long as you dress them first.
I have some dresses that I made for Cookie that will fit this set of Cookies. She's the Cookie I fitted them to when making them.

It's still okay to take  my DressUp Cookies or Clothing apart, recolor them, switch their heads around( that's easier than tubing the hair sometimes & most my new Cookies will have this same skin. (I have 2 lights I like to use, one is a muted light, the other is a warm light).