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Friday, January 25, 2013

~*~ Valentine Sweeties ~*~

I've been putting in a lot of late night hours, so I could create beautiful Cookies to share with you.  I hope you enjoy them. I still do not have a formal TOU document, but you may include these Cookies in your scrap kits, QPs, & tags with no problem. 

*If you create Cookies to resell using dress up Cookies, you may use parts of these Cookies if you first tube them from my Cookies. For example, you may use their hair & dresses on your Cookies to resell & you may use the entire Cookie wearing a swimsuit as long as you dress them before selling them. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy my creations.



  1. I would love to know if I can use your posers as part of the designs I make at ? Thanks in advance!!!

    1. There are very few restrictions in my TOU. Each post of free poser tubes should say what can be used to resell. I have no problem with allowing other people to make money off my poser tubes. Just check each post to be certain that I haven't used part of someone else's product, & requested personal use only for those few items. When a post says, "Use them anway you like," that includes to make money. Have fun.

  2. Oh, I almost forgot; for the ladies who create Cookie posers with their dress up sets, they're free to use my Cookie posers for parts & to make money. All that I ask is that my posers are never used to create Dress Up "Sets" for resell, since I have friends who make those for income. Use them for anything else you like, as long as there is no stipulation against that in the individual posts.

  3. Hi, These are so cool. I have not long downloaded the DAZ programme but i am lost at the instructions I will have to look on utube maybe, then I might be able to make some as nice as these.


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