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Sunday, September 25, 2011

~*~That Magical Land Of Freebies~*~

"I love my online friends."

Today I discovered one of those magical mysterious places where there are lots of lovely free posers and even some nice free scrap kits.  The clickable URL is: . I hope you enjoy this site as much as I did.  Have fun friends.  I think this link makes it easier to find the goodies, if you can't find them on the main site url:  .


**Always check my favorites lists,
on my long list, you'll find many
great sites for freebies, if they don't
have rss feeds they eventually
wind up at the bottom.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

~*~Where Are You PSPX3 Tuts????~*~

"I love my online friends."

I have discovered that there is still a lot for me to learn about PSP.  I've been using the tuts at Michelle's Paint Shop. 

I currently am using PSP X3, the only real difference I've found between PSP X3 and PSP X2 is that I can keep too much stuff in PSP X3, without the problems of freezing up and running really slow that I had with PSP X2.

If you have or use PSP tuts please let me know where I can find them.  Just leave me a url in my chatbox or comment section. Thank you for your time.


Monday, September 12, 2011

2 Updates

"I love my online friends."

1.)  First their are new FREE beautiful posers at DicVic.  The link may be found in one of the older posts or near the bottom of my long favorites list.  This new freebie page is page 58.

2.) For those us who have been unable to leave comments  using our Google accounts:
"I had the same problem! Okay, here is what I did and it worked: click sign in, then when you get to that page to sign in, unclick the "stay signed in" box. It should work then, but also you really do stay signed in anyway. You don't have to sign in again actually. I hope this helps!"
~Leanna from Loop-de-Loop blog

Thank you Leanna.

I hope you all benefit from this post.