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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Using Tag Words On Your Blog"

"I love my online friends."

I've noticed that some of you still aren't quite sure how to use tag words with your blog posts.  So, I'm going to give you a brief explanation. 

Just a little reminder from a friend, that using more tag words helps your fans, friends and sometimes even yourself navigate your blog. I recommend generic terms like PTU or FTU, tubes, scrap kits, or announcement, but also the name of holidays associated with the product. Such as "Easter" or "Mother's Day" just to name a couple. You may want to use color names such as "pink" or "red" for example.  For those who make scrap kits, you may want to add a label to your tag words such as "Full size" or "Tagger size" or abbreviations like "FS" or "TS".  I hope this helps those of you who aren't quite sure how to use your tags to your advantage.

Nur eine kleine Erinnerung von einem Freund, dass die Verwendung von mehr Begriffe Worte hilft Ihren Fans, Freunde und manchmal sogar selbst steuern Ihr Blog. Ich empfehle generischen Begriffen wie PTU oder FTU, Rohre, Schrott-Kits oder Ankündigung, sondern auch den Namen der Ferien mit dem Produkt verbunden sind. Wie "Ostern" oder "Mother's Day" um nur ein Paar. Vielleicht möchten Sie Farbnamen wie "pink" oder "rot " zum Beispiel verwenden. Für diejenigen, die Schrott-Kits vornehmen, können Sie ein Label für Ihre Begriffe Wörter hinzufügen, wie "Full size"oder "Tagger Size " oder Abkürzungen wie "FS" oder "TS". Ich hoffe, das hilft diejenigen von Ihnen, nicht ganz sicher sind, wie Sie Ihre Stichworte zu Ihrem Vorteil nutzen.


  1. I followed you but still don't know where the tags are, if I could find them? I'm sure I could use your advice, but not knowing where they are is a problem, do you know.? I enjoyed your blog, great. regards agman, May the wind always be in your sails

  2. The tag words on my post here, are below the post & blogger uses the word "Labels:". If you want a want to find all announcements, you would click the word announcement, etc.. A tag word is a name applied to a word representing a category. I hope this helps.


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