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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

~*~Digi-Valentines On A Budget~*~

"I love my online friends."

Here's a little tip for making your PU Valentines, even though you don't have any money.
Go to this page: .
CollabKit "Valentine"
Once you're there download the beautiful Valentine Collab.  Great isn't it?

If you're more into Goth, they have a Goth Collab right below it that will work great for your Gothic themed Valentines.

If that's not enough, try SunnySide Scraps (link below posts), Fantasy Moments (link to right), Bea Creations (link to right), Lysira's Graphic World (link to right), Fantasy Dreams Designs (link to right),
Angela's Dream (link to right), Bianca, Angel Blue, Tina's Rainbow of Dreams, Itha's Scrap Chest, Maxi's Scraps And Other Needful Things, Shania, Eri 298, BastelGalaxy, (all links in my link list to the right also).  There are many other sites who offer both FTU, PTU, PU kits.  Just look at the sites I've given you to find addition FTU, PTU, PU kits from my favorite scrappers.

I have to love someones kits to list them on my blog.

Wishing you and your families a wonderful New Year.

P. S. These are some of my online friends so be sure to always thank them for their beautiful kits.

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