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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"How Is The Art Going?"

I'm learning a great deal about PSPX2, digital scrap booking, and abstract art.  I have a  few of my abstracts included with my My Space photos. I think I've fallen in love with a digi site called Fantasy Moments Scraps & More, it's easy to navigate, well organized, pleasing to the eye and full of FREE STUFF.  I also love Outlaw By Design for their beautiful Poser tubes, I'm planning on joining in the near future.  Their Poser tubes are just too irresistible.  The jargon seems pretty easy to learn and I'm starting to feel like I know the people who share their freebies with me. "Thanks for your freebies." 

Reality is that I actually LOVE my online friends.  Well I must admit I was taught growing up to love all people.  Experience has taught me that sometimes I can love an individual without liking them.  However, I do believe that most if not all  people have something about them to like.

I'm a little bit of a nut, in a fun way.  Fascinated by different colors and shapes since birth, I was destined to become an artist (even if it's only in my own mind).  LOL (I love chat shorthand; but with all the language arts  I've learned and the Typing Nazi who has lived in my head since my first typing class in high school, I have a really hard time not typing things out completely and correctly.)   *"It's beyond my control."

*Quote comes from movie version, "Dangerous Liaisons".

I'm doing pretty well in my opinion.

Best wishes and much love,

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